Volume 9 Number 5 Volume 9 Number 5

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Journal of Mountain Science (Bimonthly, Started in 2004)

             Volume 9 Number 5   October 2012     


Vol9 No.5  Cover    Contents

   589-600 Ripu M. KUNWAR, Laxmi MAHAT, Lila N. SHARMA, Keshab P. SHRESTHA, Hiroo KOMINEE, Rainer W. BUSSMANN

Underutilized Plant Species in Far West Nepal


601-612 Ming-Wey Huang, Chien-Yuan Chen, Tzu-Hsiu Wu, Chi-Ling Chang, Sheu-Yien Liu, Ching-Yun Kao

GIS-based Evaluation on the Fault Motion-Induced Coseismic Landslides


613-627 CHAE Heemun, LEE Hyunju, LEE Sangsin, CHEONG Yukyong, UM Gijeung, MARK Bryan and PATRICK Nathan

Local Variability in Temperature, Humidity and Radiation in the BaekduDaegan Mountain Protected Area of Korea


   628-645 JI Xuan, CHEN Yunfang

Characterizing Spatial Patterns of Precipitation Based on Corrected TRMM3B43 Data over the Mid Tianshan Mountains of China


   646-655 Hasan RAMEZANPOUR, Masoumeh POURMASOUMI

Micromorphological Aspects of Two Forest Soils Development Derived from Igneous Rocks in Lahijan (Iran)


   656-664 Byungdoo LEE, Myoung Soo WON, Yohan LEE, Myung Bo LEE

Crown Fuel Characteristics and Carbon Emission from Japanese Red Pine Stands Burned by Crown Fire in Mt. Palgong, South Korea


   665-675 Masumbuko Ndabaga Céphas, Herpigny Basile, Barbier Nicolas, Habiyaremye Muhashy, Lejoly Jean, Meerts Pierre

Life Strategy Traits of the Liana Sericostachys scandens Spreadingin the Montane Forests in the Kahuzi-Biega National Park (DR Congo)


   676-686 Yashwant S. RAWAT, Colin S. EVERSON

Ecological Status and Uses of Juniper Species in the Cold Desert Environment of the Lahaul Valley, North-western Himalaya, India


   687-696 QIAO Xue, TANG Ya, Daniel JAFFE, CHEN Pan, XIAO Weiyang, DENG Guiping

Surface Ozone in Jiuzhaigou National Park, Eastern Rim of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, China


   697-705 Jerzy FALANDYSZ, Małgorzata DREWNOWSKA, Grażyna JARZYŃSKA, ZHANG Dan, WANG Jipeng

Mineral Constituents in Common Chanterelles and Soils Collected from a High Mountain and Lowland Sites in Poland


   706-714 HE Zhongsheng, LIU Jinfu, WU Caiting, ZHENG Shiqun, HONG Wei, SU Songjin, WU Chengzhen

Effects of Forest Gaps on Some Microclimate Variables in Castanopsis kawakamii Natural Forest


   715-722 PENG Li , LIU Wei, SU Chunjiang, LI Ping, FANGYan,WANG Xiao Lan, SUN Lian

Effects of Different Organic Residues on Rice Yield and Soil Quality


   723-730 LONG Feng, LI Shaocai, SUN Hailong, LI Chengjun

Influence of Limited Soil on the Root Distribution and Anchorage ofVitex negundo L.


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