Volume 8 Number 6 Volume 8 Number 6

最小化 最大化

Volume 8 Number 6   December 2011


Vol8 No.6  Cover     Contents

757-766 PENG Hong, ZHAO Yanxin, CUI Peng, ZHANG Wanshun, CHEN Xuejiao, CHEN Xiaoqing

            Two-dimensional Numerical Model for Debris Flows in the Jiangjia Gully, Yunnan Province


767-786 REDZIC Sulejman

    Phytogeographic and Syntaxonomic Diversity of High Mountain Vegetation in Dinaric Alps (Western Balkan, SE Europe)


787-793 Mukesh JOSHI, Y. S. RAWAT

    Net Primary Productivity and Species Diversity of Herbaceous Vegetation in Banj-oak (Quercus leucotrichophora A. Camus) Forest in Kumaun Himalaya, India


794-807 GAO Linan, TANG Ya, Carla BOSSARD, WANG Yan, HAN Zhiguo

    Diurnal Variation in Relative Photosynthetic Performance of Marestail (Hippuris vulgaris Linn.) Across a Water Temperature Gradient using PAM Fluorometry in Jiuzhaigou National Nature Reserve, Sichuan Province,China


808-816 WANG Keli, SUN Jia, CHENG Guodong, JIANG Hao

            Effect of Altitude and Latitude on Surface Air Temperature across the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau


817-826 Man S. RANA, S. S. SAMANT, Y. S. RAWAT

    Plant Communities and Factors Responsible for Vegetation Pattern in an Alpine Area of the Northwestern Himalaya


827-837CHEN Xia, WEI WenShou, LIU MingZhe, GU GuangQin

   Variations of Snow Temperature and their Influence on Snow Cover Physical Parameters in the Western Tianshan Mountains, China


838-844 LU Xuyang, YAN Yan, FAN Jihui, CAO Yingzi, WANG Xiaodan

 Dynamics of Above- and Below-ground Biomass and C, N, P Accumulation in the Alpine Steppe of Northern Tibet


845-854 YANG Zisheng, HAN Huali, ZHAO Qiaogui

           Soil Erosion Control Degree of the Project of Converting Farmland to Forest in Mountainous Areas at China's Southwest Border: A Case Study in Mangshi, Yunnan Province


855-864 WANG Puyu, LI Zhongqin, LI Huilin, WANG Wenbin, WANG Feiteng

   Ice Surface-Elevation Change and Velocity of Qingbingtan Glacier No.72 in the Tomor Region, Tianshan Mountains, Central Asia


865-875 HOU Guanglei, ZHANG Hongyan, WANG Yeqiao

           Vegetation Dynamics and Its Relationship with Climatic Factors in the Changbai Mountain Natural Reserve


876-881 YAN Dongchun, WEN Anbang, HE Xiubin, SHI Zhonglin, XIONG Donghong, LONG Yi

   A Preliminary Study on Traditional Level-trench Method to Prevent Rill Initiation in the Three Gorges Region, China


882-893 WANG Liping, XIE Zichu, WANG Xin, LIU Shiyin, DING Liangfu, SHANGGUAN Donghui

   The Glacier Area Changes in the Qangtang Plateau Based on the Multi-temporal Grid Method and its Sensitivity to Climate Change