Volume 8 Number 4 Volume 8 Number 4

最小化 最大化

 Volume 8 Number 4   August 2011


Vol8 No.4 Cover

495–504 Philip F. FORBOSEH, Terry C.H. SUNDERLAND, James A. COMISKEY, Michael BALINGA

Tree Population Dynamics of Three Altitudinal Vegetation Communities on Mount Cameroon (1989-2004)


505–517 Sujatha E RAMANI, Kumarvel PITCHAIMANI, Victor Rajamanickam GNANAMANICKAM

GIS based Landslide Susceptibility Mapping of Tevankarai Ar Sub-watershed, Kodaikkanal, India using Binary Logistic Regression Analysis


518–524 LI Mei, XU Rui, HUANG Wendian, SUN Hailong, LUO Lin

A Study on the Effects of the Surrounding Faults on Water Loss in the Zoige Wetland, China


525–534 Hermann KREUTZMANN

Scarcity within Opulence: Water Management in the Karakoram Mountains Revisited


535–543 ZHANG Jinshan, SHEN Xingju

Debris-flow of Zelongnong Ravine in Tibet


544–550 KUO Yu-Shu, TSANG Yun-Chung, CHEN Kun-Ting, SHIEH Chjeng-Lun

Analysis of Landslide Dam Geometries


551–563 CAO Yingui, ZHOU Wei, WANG Jing, YUAN Chun   

Spatial-temporal Pattern and Differences of Land Use Changes in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area of China during 1975-2005


564–570 ZHANG Wentai, YU Dongsheng, SHI Xuezheng, WANG Hongjie, GU Zhujun, ZHANG Xiangyan,           TAN Manzhi

The Suitability of Using Leaf Area Index to Quantify Soil Loss under Vegetation Cover


571–581 CHEN Yu-Shiu, KUO Yu-Shu, LAI Wen-Chi, TSAI Yuan-Jung, LEE Shin-Ping, CHEN Kun-Ting,      SHIEH Chjeng-Lun

Reflection of Typhoon Morakot – The Challenge of Compound Disaster Simulation


582–591 LIU Yubang, TAO Qingyu, LIANG Chuan, WU Yong

Research on Water Resources Conservation of Mountain River Based on the Concept of Region Partition


592–602 TIAN Shujun, KONG Jiming, LI Xiuzhen

Forecast Method of Multimode System for Debris Flow Risk Assessment in Qingping Town, Sichuan Province, China


603–610 HU Mingjian, WANG Ren, SHEN Jianhua

Rainfall, Landslide and Debris Flow Intergrowth Relationship in Jiangjia Ravine


611–618 TANG Wei, ZHONG Xianghao, LIU Shaoquan

Analysis of Major Driving Forces of Ecological Footprint Based on the STRIPAT Model and RR Method: A Case of Sichuan Province, Southwest China


619–628 LU Xiaobing, YE Tianli, CUI Peng, HU Kaiheng, CHEN Xiaoqing

Numerical Investigation on the Initiation Mechanism of Debris-Flow under Rainfall