Volume 7 Number 2 Volume 7 Number 2

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Volume 7 Number 2


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105–122 Matthias Kuhle and Sabine Kuhle

      Review on Dating Methods: Numerical Dating in the Quaternary Geology of High Asia


123–132 YAO Yonghui, ZHANG Baiping, HAN Fang, and PANG Yu

     Diversity and Geographical Pattern of Altitudinal Belts in the Hengduan Mountains in China


133–145 XIAO Fei, LING Feng, DU Yun, XUE Huaiping, and WU Shengjun

     Digital Extraction of Altitudinal Belt Spectra in the West Kunlun Mountains Using SPOT-VGT NDVI and SRTM DEM


146–156 LIU Weigang, REN Jiawen, QIN Xiang, LIU Jingshi, LIU Qiang, CUI Xiaoqing, and WANG Yetang

     Hydrological Characteristics of the Rongbuk Glacier Catchment in Mt. Qomolangma Region in the Central Himalayas, China


157–166 CAO Shuyou, LEE Kwan Tun, HO Juiyi, LIU Xingnian, HUANG Er, and YANG Kejun

     Analysis of Runoff in Ungauged Mountain Watersheds in Sichuan, China using Kinematic-wave-based GIUH Model


167–175 K. GREEN

     Alpine Taxa Exhibit Differing Responses to Climate Warming in the Snowy Mountains of Australia


176–186 PAN Tao, DAI Erfu, and WU Shaohong

     Relationship between Surface Pollen and Modern Vegetation in Southwestern China


187–196 ZHU Xinyu, GAO Baojia, YUAN Shengliang, and HU Yunchuan

     Community Structure and Seasonal Variation of Soil Arthropods in the Forest-Steppe Ecotone of the Mountainous Region in Northern Hebei, China

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197–206 DENG Xiangzheng, JIANG Qunou, GE Quansheng, and YANG Linsheng

     Impacts of the Wenchuan Earthquake on the Giant Panda Nature Reserves in China