Volume 6 Number 4 Volume 6 Number 4

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Volume 6 Number 4


Vol6 No.4   Cover       Contents

311–319 WANG Yan, PENG Hong, CUI Peng, ZHANG Wanshun, QIAO Fei, and CHEN Cai'er

A New Treatment of Depression for Drainage Network Extraction Based on DEM


320–330 Richard Heeks and Laura León Kanashiro

Telecentres in Mountain Regions – A Peruvian Case Study of the Impact of Information and Communication Technologies on Remoteness and Exclusion


331–345 Md. Rafiqul Islam

Cohesive Strength and Seismogenic Stress Pattern along the Active Basement Faults of the Precordillera-Sierras Pampeanas Ranges, Western Argentina: An Experimental Analysis by Means of Numerical Model


346–353 LI Minghui, KANG Shichang, ZHU Liping, WANG Feiyue, WANG Junbo, Yi Chaolu1, FANG Xiaomin, and XIE Manping

On the Unusual Holocene Carbonate Sediment in Lake Nam Co, Central Tibet


354–361 WANG Liqiang, YI Chaolu, XU Xiangke, Brigitta Schütt, LIU Kexin, and ZHOU Liping

Soil Properties in Two Soil Profiles from Terraces of the Nam Co Lake in Tibet, China


362–372 CHEN Ningsheng, YANG Chenglin, ZHOU Wei, HU Guisheng, LI Huan, and David Han

The Critical Rainfall Characteristics for Torrents and Debris Flows in the Wenchuan Earthquake Stricken Area


373–379 XIONG Donghong, LONG Yi, YAN Dongchun, LU Xiaoning, JI Zhonghua, and FANG Haidong

Surface Morphology of Soil Cracks in Yuanmou Dry-hot Valley Region, Southwest China


380–393 Fazlur-Rahman

Population Growth and Sustainability of Common Property Resource Management Systems in the Eastern Hindu Kush: The Use of Communal Fodder Resources in Mehlp Valley, North Pakistan


394–404 Ram Babu Singh, Suraj Mal, and Chandra Prakash Kala

Community Responses to Mountain Tourism: A Case in Bhyundar Valley, Indian Himalaya


405–410 LU Aigang

Impacts of Global Warming on Patterns of Temperature Change in China