Volume 6 Number 3 Volume 6 Number 3

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Volume 6 Number 3


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211–220 YE Qinghua, ZHONG Zhenwei, KANG Shichang, Alfred Stein, WEI Qiufang, and LIU Jingshi

Monitoring Glacier and Supra-glacier Lakes from Space in Mt. Qomolangma Region of the Himalayas on the Tibetan Plateau in China


221–227 LIU Yaping, HOU Shugui, WANG Yetang, and SONG Linlin

Distribution of Borehole Temperature at Four High-altitude Alpine Glaciers in Central Asia


228–239 G. R. KATTEL

Application of Sediment Traps in Global Change Research in Mountain Lakes


240–254 Dian Fiantis, Malik Nelson, Eric Van Ranst, Jusop Shamshuddin, and Nikolla P. Qafoku

Chemical Weathering of New Pyroclastic Deposits from Mt. Merapi (Java), Indonesia


255–265 ZHANG Hongfeng, OUYANG Zhiyun, ZHENG Hua, and WANG Xiaoke

Recent Climate Trends on the Northern Slopes of the Tianshan Mountains, Xinjiang, China


266–273 Jinn-Chyi CHEN, Ching-Weei LIN, and Lung-Chang WANG

Geomorphic Characteristics of Hillslope and Channelized Debris Flows: A Case Study in the Shitou Area of Central Taiwan


274–285 LIU Wen, XU Xianli, LUO Jiancheng, SHEN Zhanfeng, and ZHONG Qiuhai

Spatial Distribution of Land Cover and Vegetation Activity along Topographic Gradient in an Arid River Valley, SW China


286–292 LU Ying, HE Daming, Sam Buchanan, and LIU Jiang

Ecological Footprint Dynamics of Yunnan, China


293–298 XU Huifeng, JIN Yanming, DENG Wei, XU Kezhang, WANG Zhen

Transpiration Rates of Carex Meyeriana in Relation to micrometerological Factors in a Mountain Valley Wetland


299–310 FANG Yiping, QIN Dahe, DING Yongjian, and YANG Jianping

Adaptation Management of Mountain Tourism Service: The Case of the Source Regions of the Yangtze and Yellow River