Volume 6 Number 1 Volume 6 Number 1

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Volume 6 Number 1


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1–13 Md. Rafiqul Islam

Origin of the regional stress field along the Liquine-Ofqui Fault Zone (LOFZ), Southern Chilean Andes by

means of FE Simulation


14–24 Faisal SHAHZAD, Syed Amer MAHMOOD, and Richard GLOAGUEN

Drainage Network and Lineament Analysis: An Approach for Potwar Plateau (Northern Pakistan)


25–41 Kalantari. N, Pawar.N.J, and Keshavarzi.M.R

Water Resource Management in the Intermountain Izeh Plain, Southwest of Iran


42–55 QIU Pengfei, WU Ning, LUO Peng, WANG Zuyuan, and LI Maihe

Analysis of Dynamics and Driving Factors of Wetland Landscape in Zoige, Eastern Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau


56–65 XIE Aihong, REN Jiawen, QIN Xiang, and KANG Shichang

Feasibility Comparison of Reanalysis Data from NCEP-I and NCEP-II in the Himalayas


66–77 Bharat Babu SHRESTHA, and Pramod Kumar JHA

Habitat Range of two Alpine Medicinal Plants in a Trans-Himalayan Dry Valley, Central Nepal


78–87 ZHANG Jian, WEI Jie, and CHEN Quangong

Mapping the Farming-pastoral Ecotones in China


88–95 WANG Yuyi, TAN Rongzhi, JAN Chyandeng, and TIAN Bing

Gravel Accumulation in Deposits of Viscous Debris Flows with Hyper-concentration


96–100 LI Xinpo and HE Siming

Seismically Induced Slope Instabilities and the Corresponding Treatments: the Case of a Road in the

Wenchuan Earthquake Hit Region