Volume 5 Number 4 Volume 5 Number 4

最小化 最大化

Volume 5 Number 4


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279-298 Ganesh Raj JOSHI;Daigoro HAYASHI

Numerical Modeling of Neotectonic Movements and State of Stresses in the Central Seismic Gap Region,Garhwal Himalaya   


299-309 HONG Sungmin;HUR Soon Do

Glacier Extent and Volume Change(19662000) on the Su-lo Mountain in Northeastern Tibetan Plateau,China 


310-317 Xinbao Zhang, Xiubin He, Yangchun Wang and Yi Long

Planation Surfaces on the Tibet Plateau,China   


318-326 WILKERSON,Forrest D; SCHMID,Ginger L; 

Distribution of Debris Flows in Glacier National Park, Montana, U.S.A.   


327-339 Wennian Chen, Yan Wu, Ning Wu and Peng Luo

Effect of Snow-cover Duration on Plant Species Diversity of Alpine Meadows on the Eastern Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau    


340-349 Hanbin Ni, Liping Zhang, Dengrong Zhang, Xiyuan Wu and Xingtao Fu

Weathering of Pisha-Sandstones in the Wind-Water Erosion Crisscross Region on the Loess Plateau   


350-357 Yansui Liu, Jieyong Wang and Xiangzheng Deng

Rocky Land Desertification and its Driving Forces in the Karst Areas of Rural Guangxi,Southwest China 


358-366 Yurong He, Chengmin Huang, Xiangming Xu, Yanqiang Wang and Xiubin He

Micromorphological Features of Paleo-Stagnic-Anthrosols at Archaeological Site of Sanxingdui, China