Volume 5 Number 3 Volume 5 Number 3

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Volume 5 Number 3


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189-193 CHENG Genwei, WANG Xiaodan, HE Xiubin, FAN Jihui, and FAN Jianrong

Outburst Risk of Barrier Lakes in Sichuan,China    


194-208 Weiqiong Yang, Guojie Chen and Daojie Wang

Impact of the Wenchuan Earthquake on Tourism in Sichuan,China 


209-217 Christoph Bergmann; Martin Gerwin; Marcus Nüsser; William S.Sax;

Living in a High Mountain Border Region: the Case of the 'Bhotiyas' of the Indo-Chinese Border Region   


218-231 Bohloul Alijani

Effect of the Zagros Mountains on the Spatial Distribution of Precipitation    


232-240 S.Sarkar;R.Anbalagan

Landslide Hazard Zonation Mapping and Comparative Analysis of Hazard Zonation Maps    


241-248 J. H. Zhang, Z. A. Su and G. C. Liu

Effects of Terracing and Agroforestry on Soil and Water Loss in Hilly Areas of the Sichuan Basin, China 


249-256 Xuyang Lu, Genwei Cheng, Feipeng Xiao and Changfu Huo

Simulating Carbon Sequestration and GHGs Emissions in Abies fabric Forest on the Gongga Mountains Using a Biogeochemical Process Model Forest-DNDC


257-264 Shreekar Pant and S. S. Samant

Population Ecology of the Endangered Himalayan Yew in Khokhan Wildlife Sanctuary of North Western Himalaya for Conservation Management     


265-278 Vir Singh; RD Gaur; Babita Bohra;   

A Survey of Fodder Plants in Mid-altitude Himalayan Rangelands of Uttarakhand,India