Volume 5 Number 2 Volume 5 Number 2

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Volume 5 Number 2


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91-97 LI Yong, SU Pengcheng, CUI Peng, and HU Kaiheng

A Probabilistic View of Debris Flow 


98-112 Zisheng Yang, Yansui Liu, Wenxing Tao, Jingjing Xu and Qiaogui Zhao   

Method for evaluating the degrees of land use sustainability of mountainous county and its application in Yunnan Province, China   


113-121 Xiaobo Jiang, Chi-hua Huang and Fushui Ruan

Impacts of Land Cover Changes on Runoff and Sediment in the Cedar Creek Watershed,St.Joseph River,Indiana


122-129 Maika Läßiger, Jörg Scheithauer and Karsten Grunewald

Preliminary Mapping and Characterisation of Soils in the Pirin Mountains (Bulgaria) 


130-139 Lei Liang, Datian Jin and Ning Hu

Evaluation of Nitrogen Cycling Associated with Agricultural Production and Environmental Load in a Mountain Region, in Hokkaido, Japan 


140-156 Lianbin Zhou and Kaibang Liu

Community Tourism as Practiced in the Mountainous Qiang Region of Sichuan Province,China-a Case Study in Zhenghe Village  


157-177 Amit Chawla; S.Rajkumar; K.N.Singh; Brij Lal;R.D.Singh; A.K.Thukral

Plant Species Diversity along an Altitudinal Gradient of Bhabha Valley in Western Himalaya 


178-188 D.T.Pal; A.Dhali; S.K.Mondal; C.Rajkhowa; K.M.Bujarbaruah;

Water Intake and Utilization in Mithun (Bos frontalis):Effect of Environmental Temperature,Rearing System and Concentrate Feed Supplement