Volume 5 Number 1 Volume 5 Number 1

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Volume 5 Number 1


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1-16 Lasafam Iturrizaga

Post-sedimentary transformation of lateral moraines— The tributary tongue basins of the Kvíárjökull (Iceland)   


17-31 Julia Y.Lu

Annual Time-series Analyses of Total Gaseous Mercury Measurement and its Impact Factors on the Gongga Mountains in the Southeastern Fringe of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau 


32-37 XIE Aihong, REN Jiawen, QIN Xiang, KANG Shikang

Pressure and Temperature Feasibility of NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis Data at Mt.Everest  


38-51 Vikram GUPTA; M.P.SAH

Spatial Variability of Mass Movements in the Satluj Valley,Himachal Pradesh during 19902006


52-62 S.Sarkar Scientist; D.P.Kanungo; A.K.Patra; Pushpendra Kumar

GIS Based Spatial Data Analysis for Landslide Susceptibility Mapping    


63-72 BADíA David; MARTí Clara; SáNCHEZ José Ramón; FILLAT Federico; AGUIRRE Javier; GóMEZ Daniel

Influence of Livestock Soil Eutrophication on Floral Composition in the Pyrenees Mountains 


73-83 K.N.Singh; Gopichand; Amit Kumar; Brij Lal; N.P.Todaria

Species Diversity and Population Status of Threatened Plants in Different Landscape Elements of the Rohtang Pass,Western Himalaya 


84-90 Anil Kumar Bisht; Arvind Bhatt; R.S.Rawal; Uppeandra Dhar

Assessment of Reproductive Potential of Different Populations of Angelica glauca Edgew.,a Critically Endangered Himalayan Medicinal Herb