Volume 4 Number 3 Volume 4 Number 3

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Volume 4 Number 3


Vol4 No.3       Cover        Contents

181-192 Ruth Sherman; Renee Mullen;   

Alpine Ecosystems of Northwest Yunnan,China:an Initial Assessment for Conservation


193-202 TSAI Yuanfan

A Debris-flow Simulation Model for the Evaluation of Protection Structures    


203-208 A.K.Pachauri; Abhirup Chatterjee; Reeta Gaur;

Enveloping Relief Surfaces of Landslide Terrain 


209-220 K. Grunewald; J. Scheithauer; J.-M. Monget; N. Nikolova;

Mountain Water Tower and Ecological Risk Estimation of the Mesta-Nestos Transboundary River Basin (Bulgaria-Greece) 


221-236 Sanjeev Sharma; Jagdish C. Kuniyal; J. C. Sharma;

Assessment of Man-made and Natural Hazards in the Surroundings of Hydropower Projects under Construction in the Beas Valley of Northwestern Himalaya    


237-247 Weiwu Wang

Managing Soil Erosion Potential by Integrating Digital Elevation Models with the Southern China's Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation——A Case Study for the West Lake Scenic Spots Area of Hangzhou, China 


248-258 S.C. Rai

Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Community-based Natural Resource Management in Northeast India     


259-274 S. S. Samant; Man Singh; Manohar Lal; Shreekar Pant

Diversity, Distribution and Prioritization of Fodder Species for Conservation in Kullu District, Northwestern Himalaya, India