Volume 3 Number 2 Volume 3 Number 2

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Volume 3 Number 2


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91-124 Matthias Kuhle

Reconstruction of the Ice Age Glaciation in the Southern Slopes of Mt. Everest, Cho Oyu, Lhotse and Makalu (Himalaya) (Part 1)     


125-130 ZHANG Junyan, CHENG Genwei, LI Yongfei

Early Holocene High Magnitude Debris Flow Events and Environmental Change as Illustrated by the Moxi Platform, Hengduan Mountains, SW China    


131-138 U.M. Chandrashekara; V. Sibichan

Logs and Snags in a Shola Forest of Kerala, India   


139-146 Solomon Habtu; Kitamura Yoshinobu

Traditional Irrigation Management in Betmera-Hiwane, Ethiopia: The Main Peculiarities for the Persistence of Irrigation Practices     


147-157 HE Yurong , CUI Peng, LIAO Chaolin, ZHANG Baohua, and ZHAO Yu

Micromorphology of landslide soil Case study on the Jibazi landslide in Yunyang in the Three Gorges Region, China    


158-167 Aigang Lu, Deqian Pang, Jianping Ge, Yuanqing He and Hongxi Pang, et al.

Effect of Landform on Seasonal Temperature Structures across China in the Past 52 Years   


168-177 Yong Xu, Qing Tang, Dingguo Ma and Tengyun Guo

De-farming and Ecological Restoration in the Loess Hilly-gully Region in Northern China