Volume 3 Number 1 Volume 3 Number 1

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Volume 3 Number 1


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1-19 R. C. Borja-Baeza, O. Esteban-Chávez, J. Marcos-López, R. J. Peña-Garnica and I. Alcántara-Ayala

Slope Instability on Pyroclastic Deposits: Landslide Distribution and Risk Mapping in Zacapoaxtla, Sierra Norte De Puebla, Mexico 


20-27 Liu Xilin

Site-specific Vulnerability Assessment for Debris Flows: Two Case Studies 


28-47 S.S. Samant; Shreekar Pant;

Diversity, Distribution Pattern and Conservation Status of the Plants Used in Liver Diseases/Ailments in Indian Himalayan Region   


48-57 Linkham Douangsavanh; Anan Polthanee; Roengsak Katawatin

Food Security of Shifting Cultivation Systems: Case Studies from Luang Prabang and Oudomxay Provinces, Lao PDR    


58-70 U.M. Chandrashekara; P.K. Muraleedharan; V. Sibichan

Anthropogenic Pressure on Structure and Composition of a Shola Forest in Kerala, India 


71-80 YUAN Lingling , LU Aigang, and NING Baoying

Impacts of Yulong Mountain Glacier on Tourism in Lijiang 


81-90 LIU Jiang and HE Daming

Research Agenda for Understanding Transboundary Ecosystem Changes and Eco-security in Southwestern China