Volume 2 Number 1 Volume 2 Number 1

最小化 最大化

Volume 2 Number 1


Vol2 No.1  Cover   Contents

5-22 Matthias Kuhle

The Maximum Ice Age Glaciation between the Karakorum Main Ridge (K_2) and the Tarim Basin and its Influence on Global Energy Balance     


23-31 K.G.Saxena, R.K.Maikhuri, K.S.Rao 

Changes in Agricultural Biodiversity: Implications for Sustainable Livelihood in the Himalaya   


32-41 Keshav L.Maharjan

Community Participation in Forest Resource Management in Nepal     


42-49 HE Yurong , LIAO Chaolin, XU Pei and ZHANG Baohua

Zonal Distribution of the Erosion-Landslide and Soil Micromorphological Features in Purple Hilly Region 


50-58 WANG Shige

Characteristics of Large Low-frequency Debris Flow Hazards and Mitigation Strategies   


59-67 Kunihisa Morinaga, Osamu Sumikawa, Osamu Kawamoto, Hiroyasu Yoshikawa and Seiji Nakao, et al.

New Technologies and Systems for High Quality Citrus Fruit Production, Labor-saving and Orchard Construction in Mountain Areas of Japan 


68-75 Gangcai Liu, Jianhui Zhang, Guanglong Tian and Chaofu Wei

The Effects of Land Uses on Purplish Soil Erosion in Hilly Area of Sichuan Province, China 


76-85 Vishwambhar Prasad Sati

Systems of Agriculture Farming in the Uttranchal Himalaya, India    


86-90 Dmitrii V.Sevastyanov, Nadezhda I.Dorofeyk

A Short Review: Limnological and Paleolimnological Researches in Mongolia Carried out by Joint Russian-Mongolian Expeditions