Volume 1 Number 3 Volume 1 Number 3

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Volume 1 Number 3


Vol1 No.3  Cover    Contents

193-210 Hermann Kreutzmann

Accessibility for High Asia:Comparative Perspective on Northern Pakistan's Traffic Infrastructure and Linkages with Its Neighbours in the Hindukush- Karakoram-Himalaya   


211-222 BI Siwen

Study on Dynamic Numerical Simulation of Mountain System in Tibet Plateau 


223-238 Gitanjali Chaturvedi

State and Development:Changes in Livelihood Strategies in Garhwal with Special Reference to Ecotourism in the Gangotri Region    


239-249 Zhou Yue, Lu Xixi, Huang Ying and Zhu Yunmei

Anthropogenic Impacts on the Sediment Flux in the Dry-hot Valleys of Southwest China—an Example of the Longchuan River 


250-263 Yang Zisheng, Liang Luohui, Liu Yansui and He Yimei

Land Use Change During 19602000 Period and itsEco-environmental Effects in the Middle and UpperReaches of the Yangtze River:a Case Study in YiliangCounty, Yunnan,China    


264-269 José Luis López S

Channel Response to Gravel Mining Activities in Mountain Rivers   


270-275 Le Quoc Doanh, Ha Dinh Tuan

Improving Indigenous Technologies for Sustainable Land Use in Northern Mountainous Areas of Vietnam    


276-277+279-278+280 Qing Liu, Terry V. Callaghan and Yuanyuan Zuo

Effects of Elevated Solar UV-B Radiation from Ozone Depletion on Terrestrial Ecosystems