Volume 1 Number 2 Volume 1 Number 2

最小化 最大化

Volume 1 Number 2


Vol1 No.2    Cover           Contents

97-114 Jörg Löffler

Degradation of High Mountain Ecosystems in Northern Europe   


115-127 James S. Gardner,Eric Saczuk 

Systems for Hazards Identification in High Mountain Areas: An Example from the Kullu District, Western Himalaya 


128-142 Taibao Yang, Yongtao Yu, Jijun Li, Congrong An and Jinfeng Liu, et al.

Paleomagnetic Excursions Recorded in the Yanchi Playa in Middle Hexi Corridor, NW China Since the Last Interglacial


143-154 MA Dongtao, TU Jianjun, Cui Peng and Lu Ruren

Approach to Mountain Hazards in Tibet, China   


155-165 Vishwambhar Prasad Sati 

Resource Utilization Pattern and Development in Hills——A Case for the Pindar Basin of Garhwal Himalaya, India 


166-174 Yang Wanqin, Wang Kaiyun, Seppo Kellomäki and Xiao Ling

Wet Canopy Evaporation Rate of Three Stands in Western Sichuan, China


175-182 Xianghao Zhong, Xiangmei Li and Chuanzhong Peng

Analysis on the Status of Farmers, Agriculture and Countryside, and Development Strategies and Measures in Tibet Autonomous Region


183-191 Yoichi Shimatsu

In the Mountain's Shadow: Japan's Silk Reelers Blazed an Asian Path of Economic Development