Volume 15  Number 7  July 2018 Volume 15 Number 7 July 2018

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Journal of Mountain Science (Monthly, Started in 2004)

Volume 15  Number 7  July 2018


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Mountain Hazards

1383-1396 LEI Yu,CUI Peng, Amar Deep REGMI, Virginia MURRAY, Alessandro PASUTO, Giacomo TITTI, Muhammad SHAFIQUE, Tilak PRIYADARSHANA D. G.

An international program on Silk Road Disaster Risk Reduction – a Belt and Road initiative (2016-2020)


1397-1411 HAO Jian-sheng, HUANG Fa-rong, LIU Yang, Amobichukwu Chukwudi AMANAMBU, LI Lan-hai

Avalanche activity and characteristics of its triggering factors in the western Tianshan Mountains, China


1412-1428 WANG Jiao, JIN Wen, CUI Yi-fei, ZHANG Wei-feng, WU Chun-hao, Alessandro PASUTO

Earthquake-triggered landslides affecting a UNESCO Natural Site: the 2017 Jiuzhaigou Earthquake in the World National Park, China


Mountain Development

1429-1445 Nikolas M. KATSOULAKOS, Dimitris C. KALIAMPAKOS

The energy identity of mountainous areas: the example of Greece


1446-1459 YUAN Ling-ling, WANG Shi-jin

Recreational value of glacier tourism resources: A travel cost analysis for Yulong Snow Mountain


1460-1470 XIE Jia-li, LI Yong-shu, CAI Guo-lin, WANG Feng, LI He-chao

An improved Mahalanobis distance-based colour segmentation method for rural building recognition


Mountain Environment

1471-1480 Tijana VULEVIĆ, Mirjana TODOSIJEVIĆ, Nada DRAGOVIĆ, Miodrag ZLATIĆ

Land use optimization for sustainable development of mountain regions of western Serbia


1481-1497 Kiyoumars ROUSHANGAR, Farhad ALIZADEH

A multiscale spatio-temporal framework to regionalize annual precipitation using k-means and self-organizing map technique


1498-1509 ZHONG Rong-hua, HU Jin-ming, BAO Yu-hai, Wang Fei, HE Xiu-bin

Soil nutrients in relation to vertical roots distribution in the riparian zone of Three Gorges Reservoir, China


1510-1519 HAN Fang, ZHANG Bai-ping, ZHAO Fang, GUO Bing, LIANG Tian

Estimation of mass elevation effect and its annual variation based on MODIS and NECP data in the Tibetan Plateau


1520-1531 LI Qian-yu, WU Jing-lu, ZHAO Zhong-hua, SAKIEV Kadyrbek

Organochlorine pesticides in soils from the Issyk-Kul region in the western Tian Shan Mountains, Kyrgyzstan:Implication for spatial distribution, source apportionment and ecological risk assessment


1532-1545 LIU Ya-bin, ZHANG Ying, FU Jiang-tao, YU Dong-mei, HU Xia-song, LI Xi-lai, QI Zhao-xin, LI Shu-xia

Variable hydrological effects of herbs and shrubs in the arid northeastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, China


1546-1558 WU Han, XIONG Dong-hong, XIAO Liang, ZHANG Su, YUAN Yong, SU Zheng-an, ZHANG Bao-jun, YANG Dan

Effects of vegetation coverage and seasonal change on soil microbial biomass and community structure in the dry-hot valley region


Geological Engineering

1559-1571 SAHOO Pragyan Pradatta, SHUKLA Sanjay Kumar, MOHYEDDIN Alireza

Analytical expressions for determining the stability of cohesionless soil slope under generalized seismic conditions


1572-1584 WANG Sheng, WANG Jing-fei, YUAN Chao-peng, CHEN Li-yi, XU Shi-tong, GUO Kai-bin

Development of the nano-composite cement: Application in regulating grouting in complex ground conditions


1585-1596 LI Xiang-hui, ZHANG Qing-song, ZHANG Xiao, LAN Xiong-dong, DUAN Chong-hao, LIU Jian-guo

Detection and treatment of water inflow in karst tunnel: A case study in Daba tunnel


1597-1614 ZHANG Chong-lei, JIANG Guan-lu, SU Li-jun, Liu Wei-ming, ZHOU Gong-dan

Effect of dry density on the liquefaction behaviour of Quaternary silt



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