Volume 15 Number 4  April 2018 Volume 15 Number 4 April 2018

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Journal of Mountain Science (Monthly, Started in 2004)

Volume 15 Number 4  April 2018


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Mountain Environment

685-694 Muhammad ISLAM, Abdul RAZZAQ, Shamim GUL, Sarfraz AHMAD, Taj MUHAMMAD, Sawsan HASSAN, Barbara RISCHKOWSKY, M.N.M. IBRAHIM, Mounir LOUHAICHI

Impact of grazing on soil, vegetation and ewe production performances in a semi-arid rangeland


695-707 ZHAO Yong-li, Stefanie D. GOLDBERG, XU Jian-chu, Rhett D. HARRISON

Spatial and seasonal variation in soil respiration along a slope in a rubber plantation and a natural forest in Xishuangbanna, Southwest China


708-721 QIAN Peng, ZHENG Xiang-min, CHENG Jun, HAN Yu-jie, DONG Yan, ZHANG Jian-guo

Tracing the provenance of aeolian loess in the Yangtze River Delta through zircon U–Pb age and geochemical investigations


722-729Vladimir V. KUKARSKIH, Nadezhda M. DEVI, Pavel A. MOISEEV, Andrey A. GRIGORIEV, Maksim O. BUBNOV

Latitudinal and temporal shifts in the radial growth-climate response of Siberian larch in the Polar Urals


730-737 MA Hoseop, ETTAGBOR Hans Enukwa, KIM Choonsig

Effects of Trichoderma harzianum YC459 and soil types on seed germination and seedling growth in rock slope restoration


738-751 KOMATSU Yoshitaka, KATO Hiroaki, ZHU Bo, WANG Tao, YANG Fan, RAKWAL Randeep, ONDA Yuichi

Effects of slope gradient on runoff from bare-fallow purple soil in China under natural rainfall conditions


752-764 MENG Xin, XIONGLi-yang, YANGXian-wu, YANGBi-sheng, TANG Guo-an

A terrain openness index for the extraction of karst Fenglin and Fengcong landform units from DEMs


765-778 LUO Jing, NIU Fu-jun, LIN Zhan-ju, LIU Ming-hao, YIN Guo-an

Variations in the northern permafrost boundary over the last four decades in the Xidatan region, Qinghai–Tibet Plateau


Mountain Hazards

779-792 CHEN Xiao-qing, CHEN Jian-gang , CUI Peng, YOU Yong, HU Kai-heng, YANG Zong-ji, ZHANG Wei-feng, LI Xin-po, WU Yong

Assessment of prospective hazards resulting from the 2017 earthquake at the world heritage site Jiuzhaigou Valley, Sichuan, China


793-807 WU Chun-hao, CUI Peng, LI Yu-sheng, Irasema Alcántara AYALA, HUANG Chao, YI Shu-jian

Seismogenic fault and topography control on the spatial patterns of landslides triggered by the 2017 Jiuzhaigou earthquake


808-824 Kanwarpreet SINGH, Virender KUMAR

Hazard assessment of landslide disaster using information value method and analytical hierarchy process in highly tectonic Chamba region in bosom of Himalaya


Geological Engineering

825-844 ZHANG Zhi-chao, Ronald Y. S. PAK, CHEN Yu-min, LIU Han-long

Study on the performance of the micropile-mechanically stabilized earth wall


845-858 XU Jian, WANG Zhang-quan, REN Jian-wei, WANG Song-he, JIN Long

Mechanism of slope failure in loess terrains during spring thawing


859-870 YANG Bing, GAO Fu-ping, JENG Dong-sheng

Failure mode and dynamic response of a double-sided slope with high water content of soil


871-881 LIU Wen-qiang, LI Qun, LU Jian, LI Chang-dong, YAO Wen-min, ZENG Jiang-bo

Improved plane layout of stabilizing piles based on the piecewise function expression of the irregular driving force


882-893 JI Xiao-dong, CONG Xu, DAI Xian-qing, ZHANG Ao, CHEN Li-hua

Studying the mechanical properties of the soil-root interface using the pullout test method


Mountain Development

894-917 CHEN Xing, SHI Xian-lin

Geoscience landscape division and tourism zonation in the mid-southern section of the Hengduan Mountains, eastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau



918-920 WANG Gong-hui, JIANG Yao

Commentary on "Experimental study on the moving characteristics of fine grains in wide grading unconsolidated soil under heavy rainfall" by CUI Yi-fei, ZHOU Xiao-jun and GUO Chao-xu



Cover Photo taken by CHEN Xiao-qing

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