Volume 15 Number 3  March 2018 Volume 15 Number 3 March 2018

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Journal of Mountain Science (Monthly, Started in 2004)

Volume 15 Number 3  March 2018


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Mountain Environment


Assessing conservation practices in Amalacaxco Gorge (Izta-Popo National Park, Central Mexico) using fallout 137Cs and Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL)


461-484 Elnaz SHARGHI, Vahid NOURANI, Saeed SOLEIMANI, Fahreddin SADIKOGLU

Application of different clustering approaches to hydro-climatological catchment regionalization in mountainous regions, a case study in Utah State


485-494 Chia-Hsing LIN, Cheng-Ju LIU, Shih-Hsun LIN, Chjeng-Lun SHIEH

Sediment control function of river notches


495-503 Bijeesh Kozhikkodan VEETTIL, WANG Shan-shan

State and fate of the remaining tropical mountain glaciers in Australasia using satellite imagery


504-518 CHEN Jie, YANG Tai-bao, MATISHOV GG, VELICHKO AA, ZENG Biao, HE Yi, SHI Pei-hong

Luminescence chronology and age model application for the upper part of the Chumbur-Kosa loess sequence in the Sea of Azov, Russia


519-531 MENG Chen, NIU Jian-zhi, YIN Zheng-cong, LUO Zi-teng, LIN Xing-na, JIA Jing-wei

Characteristics of rock fragments in different forest stony soil and its relationship with macropore characteristics in mountain area, northern China


532-547 DU Ding-ding, ZHANG Cheng-jun, MUGHAL Muhammad Saleem, WANG Xiao-yu, BLAISE Dembele, GAO Jun-ping, MA Yuan, LUO Xin-rong

Detrital apatite fission track constraints on Cenozoic tectonic evolution of the northeastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, China: Evidence from Cenozoic strata in Lulehe section, Northern Qaidam Basin


548-562 MEI Xue-mei, MA Lan, ZHU Qing-ke, WANG Shu, ZHANG Dong, WANG Yu

Responses of soil moisture to vegetation restoration type and slope length on the loess hillslope


563-576 Shakil Ahmad ROMSHOO, Mohammd RAFIQ, Irfan RASHID

Spatio-temporal variation of land surface temperature and temperature lapse rate over mountainous Kashmir Himalaya


577-589 DING Hu, NA Jia-ming, HUANG Xiao-li, TANG Guo-an, LIU Kai

Stability analysis unit and spatial distribution pattern of the terrain texture in the northern Shaanxi Loess Plateau


590-605 DENG Hua, SHAO Jing-an

Evapotranspiration and humidity variations in response to land cover conversions in the Three Gorges Reservoir Region


606-617 Zahra JABERALANSAR, Mostafa TARKESH, Mehdi BASSIRI

Spatial downscaling of climate variables using three statistical methodsinCentral Iran


Mountain Hazards

618-630 Artem A. RYBCHENKO, Alena V. KADETOVA, Elena A. KOZIREVA

Relation between basin morphometric features and dynamic characteristics of debris flows – a case study in Siberia, Russia


Mountain Development

631-644 CHEN Ying-feng,WANG Yu-kuan,FU Bin,WANG Hai-wen,WANG Wei

Spatial patterns of farmland abandonment and its impact factors in the central Three Gorges Reservoir Area


645-656 WANG Lei, LIU Jia-ming, WANG Ling-en, ZHU He, LIN Jing

Tourism resource assessment and spatial analysis of wine tourism development: a case study of the eastern foothills of China's Helan Mountains


Geological Engineering

657-671 LIU Shu-guang, LI Zhu-jun, ZHANG Hong, WU Wei, ZHONG Gui-hui, LOU Sha

A 3-D DDA damage analysis of brick masonry buildings under the impact of boulders in mountainous areas


672-684 CHEN Guo-qing, HUANG Run-qiu, ZHANG Feng-shou, ZHU Zhen-fei, SHI Yu-chuan, WANG Jian-chao

Evaluation of the possible slip surface of a highly heterogeneous rock slope using dynamic reduction method


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