Volume 14  Number 7   July 2017 Volume 14 Number 7 July 2017

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Journal of Mountain Science (Monthly, Started in 2004)

Volume 14  Number 7   July 2017


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Mountain Hazards

1241-1261 Franny G. MURILLO-GARCÍA, Mauro ROSSI, Francesca ARDIZZONE, Federica FIORUCCI, Irasema ALCÁNTARA-AYALA

Hazard and population vulnerability analysis: a step towards landslide risk assessment


1262-1278 ZHANG Yong-shuang, YANG Zhi-hua, GUO Chang-bao, WANG Tao, WANG Dong-hui, DU Guo-liang

Predicting landslide scenes under potential earthquake scenarios in the Xianshuihe fault zone, Southwest China


1279-1291 LENG Xiao-peng, LIU Dun-long, WEI Fang-qiang, HONG Yong, DAI De-fu

Debris flows monitoring and localization using infrasonic signals


1292-1302 TANG Yang, YIN Kun-long, LIU Lei, ZHANG Ling, FU Xiao-lin

Dynamic assessment of rainfall-induced shallow landslide hazard


Mountain Environment

1303-1316 Gerrit TOMBRINK

Flood events and their effects in a Himalayan mountain river: geomorphological examples from the Buri Gandaki Valley, Nepal


1317-1328 LIU Bo, YANG Jian, Jill F. JOHNSTONE

Understory vascular plant community assembly in relation to time-since-fire and environmental variables in a Chinese boreal forest


1329-1340Pasquale A. MARZILIANO, Vittoria COLETTA, Angelo SCUDERI, Clemente SCALISE, Giuliano MENGUZZATO, Fabio LOMBARDI

Forest structure of a maple old-growth stand: a case study on the Apennines mountains (Southern Italy)


1341-1349 Nova D. DOYOG, Young Jin LEE, Sun Joo LEE, Jin Taek KANG, Sung Yong KIM

Compatible taper and stem volume equations for Larix kaempferi (Japanese larch) species of South Korea


1350-1357 WANG Si-hai, WU Chao, XIAO De-rong, WANG Juan, CHENG Xi-ping, GUO Fang-bin

Temporal changes in wetland plant communities with decades of cumulative water pollution in two plateau lakes in China's Yunnan Province


1358-1372 XIANG Zhong-xiang, BING Hai-jian, WU Yan-hong, ZHOU Jun, LI Rui, HE Xiao-li

Tracing environmental lead sources on the Ao mountain of China using lead isotopic composition and biomonitoring


1373-1383 LI Guang-lu, ZHENG Teng-hui, FU Yu, LI Bai-qiao, ZHANG Teng

Soil detachment and transport under the combined action of rainfall and runoff energy on shallow overland flow


1384-1390 Ranjit PANDEY, Kapil K KHADKA, Anuj GHIMIRE, Puja JHA, Umesh PATHAK

Elevational distribution of butterflies in the Himalayas: a case study from Langtang National Park, Nepal


1391-1404 SINGH Sartajvir, TALWAR Rajneesh

Response of fuzzy clustering on different threshold determination algorithms in spectral change vector analysis over Western Himalaya, India


Mountain Development

1405-1418 CHEN Bi-xia, QIU Zhen-mian

Community attitudes toward ecotourism development and environmental conservation in nature reserve: a case of Fujian Wuyishan National Nature Reserve, China


1419-1427 Tomasz DUDEK

Recreational potential as an indicator of accessibility control in protected mountain forest areas


Geological Engineering

1428-1444 LI Lian-chong, XING Ya-zi, LIU Xing-zong, MA Ke, XU Nu-wen, ZHANG Fei

Interaction between anti-shear galleries and surrounding rock in the right-bank slope of Dagangshan hydropower station


1445-1453 SUN Chang-bin, LI De-wen, SHEN Xiao-ming, KANG Yan-rui, LIU Rui, ZHANG Ya-jiao

Holocene activity evidence on the southeast boundary fault of Heqing basin, middle segment of Heqing-Eryuan fault zone, West Yunnan Province, China



Cover Photo taken by Gerrit TOMBRINK

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