Volume 14  Number 3   March 2017 Volume 14 Number 3 March 2017

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Journal of Mountain Science (Monthly, Started in 2004)

Volume 14  Number 3   March 2017


Mountain Hazards

417-431 CUI Yi-fei, ZHOU Xiao-jun, GUO Chao-xu

Experimental study on the moving characteristics of fine grains in wide grading unconsolidated soil under heavy rainfall


432-441 Nima BABANOURI, Hesam DEHGHANI

Investigating a potential reservoir landslide and suggesting its treatment using limit-equilibrium and numerical methods


Mountain Environment

         442-452 Viacheslav I. KHARUK, Sergei T. IM, Maria L. DVINSKAYA, Kenneth J. RANSON, Il'ya A. PETROV

Tree wave migration across an elevation gradient in the Altai Mountains, Siberia


453-473 Niels SCHWAB, Udo SCHICKHOFF, Birgit BÜRZLE, Michael MÜLLER, Jürgen BÖHNER, Ram Prasad CHAUDHARY, Thomas SCHOLTEN, Jens OLDELAND

Implications of tree species – environment relationships for the responsiveness of Himalayan krummholz treelines to climate change


474-491 ZHANG Jia-ming, XU Ze-min, LI Feng, HOU Ru-ji, REN Zhe

Quantification of 3D macropore networks in forest soils in Touzhai valley (Yunnan, China) using X-ray computed tomography and image analysis


492-500 HAN Hee, JANG Kwang-min, CHUNG Joo-sang

Selecting suitable sites for mountain ginseng (Panax ginseng) cultivation by using geographically weighted logistic regression


501-512 ZHANG Yong, ENOMOTO Hiroyuki, OHATA Tetsuo, KADOTA Tsutomu, SHIRAKAWA Tatsuo, TAKEUCHI Nozomu

Surface mass balance on Glacier No. 31 in the Suntar–Khayata Range, eastern Siberia, from 1951 to 2014


513-526 YANG Li-hui, ZHENG Xiang-min,YE Wei

Sedimentary environment of vermicular red clay in South China


527-538 HAN Yong, ZHENG Fen-li, XU Xi-meng

Effects of rainfall regime and its character indices on soil loss at loessial hillslope with ephemeral gully


539-548 QIAN Jing,ZHANG Li- Ping, WANG Wen-Yan, LIU Qiao

Organic carbon losses by eroded sediments from sloping vegetable fields in South China


549-557 HU Chun-sheng, HU Chen-qi, LIU Shao-chen, XU Guang-lai, WU Li, YANG Li-hui

Dating of the topmost terrace in the Jingxian Basin, Anhui Province: an indication of the establishment of the Qingyijiang River


558-570 RANA Santosh Kumar, RANA Hum Kala, GHIMIRE Suresh Kumar, SHRESTHA Krishna Kumar, RANJITKAR Sailesh

Predicting the impact of climate change on the distribution of two threatened Himalayan medicinal plants of Liliaceae in Nepal


Geological Engineering

         571-580 ZHONG Qi-ming, CHEN Sheng-shui, DENG Zhao

Numerical model for homogeneous cohesive dam breaching due to overtopping failure


581-594 ZHANG Ding-wen, SHU Ji-cheng, SUN Jian-ping

Observed deformation characteristics of a deep excavation for the spring area in Jinan, China


Mountain Development

595-608TAO Hui, LIU Jia-ming, DENG Yu, DU Ao

Tourism sectorization opportunity spectrum model and space partition of tourism urbanization area: a case of the Mayangxi ecotourism area, Fujian province, China


609 Erratum to: DOI: 10.1007/s11629-016-4107-z

610 Erratum to: DOI: 10.1007/s11629-016-4096-y

Cover Photo taken by Viacheslav I. KHARUK

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