Volume 13 Number 7   July 2016 Volume 13 Number 7 July 2016

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Journal of Mountain Science (Monthly, Started in 2004)

Volume 13 Number 7   July 2016


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Mountain Environment

1139-1153 José Antonio LÓPEZ-SÁEZ, Francisca ALBA-SÁNCHEZ, Sandra ROBLES-LÓPEZ, Sebastián PÉREZ-DÍAZ, Daniel ABEL-SCHAAD, Silvia SABARIEGO-RUIZ, Arthur GLAIS

Exploring seven hundred years of transhumance, climate dynamic, fire and human activity through a historical mountain pass in central Spain


1154-1161 George P. MALANSON, Lynn M. RESLER

A size-gradient hypothesis for alpine treeline ecotones


1162-1173 YIN Guo-an, NIU Fu-jun, LIN Zhan-ju, LUO Jing, LIU Ming-hao\

Performance comparison of permafrost models in Wudaoliang Basin, Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, China


1174-1185 ZENG Lan-hua, OU Xian-jiao, LAI Zhong-ping, ZHOU Shang-zhe

Optically stimulated luminescence dating of young glacial sediments from the eastern Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau


1186-1199 ZHU Guo-feng, YANG Ling, QIN Da-he, TONG Hua-li, LIU Yuan-feng, LI Jia-fang

Spatial and temporal variation of drought index in a typical steep alpine terrain in Hengduan Mountains


1200-1216 WANG Ji-yan, LI Ai-nong, JIN Hua-an

Sensitivity analysis of the DeNitrification and DeComposition model for simulating regional carbon budget at the wetland-grassland area on the Zoige Plateau, China


1217-1228 ZHANG Hui-wen, WU Zhen, XIAO Hong-lang

Leafstable carbon isotope composition in Picea schrenkiana var. tianschanica in relation to leaf physiological and morphological characteristics along an altitudinal gradient


1229-1237 Sami ULLAH, Muhammad FAROOQ, Muhammad SHAFIQUE, Muhammad Afra SIYAB, Fazli KAREEM, Matthias DEES

Spatial assessment of forest cover and land-use changes in the Hindu-Kush mountain ranges of northern Pakistan


1238-1244 Lee Ju-Hyoung, Lee Do-Hyung, Kim Do-Hyun, Park Jin-Hwa, Kim Jae-Hee

Biomass growth characteristics of 13-year-old Pinus densifloraS. et Z. in a post-fire plantation on different contour conditions in Samcheuk, Korea


Mountain Hazards

1245-1264 HUANG Peng-nian, LI Zhi-jia, LI Qiao-ling, ZHANG Ke, ZHANG Han-chen

Application and comparison of coaxial correlation diagram and hydrological model for reconstructing flood series under human disturbance


1265-1274 LIU Wei, He Si-ming, OuYang Chao-jun

Dynamic process simulation with a Savage-Hutter type model for the intrusion of landslide into river


1275-1285 LI Wei-yue, LIU Chun, HONG Yang, ZHANG Xin-hua, WAN Zhan-ming, Manabendra SAHARIA, SUN Wei-wei, YAO Dong-jing, CHEN Wen, CHEN Sheng, YANG Xiu-qin, YUE Jing

A public Cloud-based China's Landslide Inventory Database (CsLID): development, zone, and spatiotemporal analysis for significant historical events, 1949-2011


1286-1303 Sara ABUZIED, Samia IBRAHIM, Mona KAISER, Tarek Saleem

Geospatial susceptibility mapping of earthquake-induced landslides in Nuweiba area, Gulf of Aqaba, Egypt


Geological Engineering

1304-1312 LIU Zi-zhen, YAN Zhi-xin, REN Zhi-hua, QIU Zhan-hong, DUAN Jian

Reasonable selection of yield criteria for quantitative analysis of unsaturated soil slope stability


Mountain Development

1313-1332 LI Ya-juan, YU Hu, CHEN Tian, HU Jing, CUI Hai-yang

Livelihood changes and evolution of upland ethnic communities driven by tourism: a case study in Guizhou Province, southwest China



Cover Photo taken by Dr. José Antonio LÓPEZ-SÁEZ

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