Volume 13 Number 6   June 2016 Volume 13 Number 6 June 2016

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Journal of Mountain Science (Monthly, Started in 2004)

Volume 13 Number 6   June 2016


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Mountain Hazards

957-970 Adriana GARCÍA-RAMA, Stefano Giorgio PAGANO, Francesco GENTILE, Mario Aristide LENZI

Suspended sediment transport analysis in two Italian instrumented catchments


971-984 HU Kai-heng, PU Li, WANG Xie-kang

Experimental study of entrainment behavior of debris flow over channel inflexion points


Mountain Environment

985-999 LIANG Ye, YANG Tai-bao, Andrey Aleksevitch VELICHKO, SHI Pei-hong, WANG Lin-dong, HE Yi, CHEN Jie, CHEN Yu

Paleoclimatic record from Chumbur-Kosa section in Sea of Azov region since Marine Isotope Stage 11


1000-1012 ZHAO Xin, LI Fa-dong, ZHANG Wan-jun, AI Zhi-pin

Contribution of abovegroundlitter to soil respiration in Populus davidiana Dodeplantations at different stand ages


1013-1023 CUI Hai-jun, WANG Gen-xu, YANG Yan, YANG Yang, CHANG Rui-ying, RAN Fei

Soil microbial community composition and its driving factors in alpine grasslands along a mountain elevational gradient


1024-1034 Minkyu MOON, Taekyu KIM, Juhan PARK, Sungsik CHO, Daun RYU, Sanguk SUH, Hyun Seok KIM

Changes in spatial variations of sap flow in Korean pine trees due to environmental factors and their effects on estimates of stand transpiration


1035-1046 WANG Zhi-wei, WANG Qian, ZHAO Lin, WU Xiao-dong, YUE Guang-yang, ZOU De-fu, NAN Zhuo-tong, LIU Guang-yue, PANG Qiang-qiang, FANG Hong-bing, WU Tong-hua, SHI Jian-zong, JIAO Ke-qin, ZHAO Yong-hua, ZHANG Le-le

Mapping the vegetation distribution of the permafrost zone on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau


1047-1055 Ana Mª M. FARRONA, Fernando DOMÍNGUEZ-CASTRO, Mª Cruz GALLEGO, José M. VAQUERO

The first meteorological observations at a tropical high elevation site: Antisana, 1846


1056-1065 WU Ze-yan, LIN Wen-xiong, LI Jian-juan, LIU Jin-fu, LI Bai-lian, WU Lin-kun, FANG Chang-xun, ZHANG Zhi-xing

Effects of seasonal variations on soil microbial community composition of two typical zonal vegetation types in the Wuyi Mountains


1066-1077 LIU Xian-zhao, GAO Chang-chun, SU Qing, ZHANG Yong, Song Yan

Altitudinal trends in d13C value, stomatal density and nitrogen content of Pinus tabulaeformis needles on the southern slope of the middle Qinling Mountains, China


Mountain biodiversity

1078-1084 Michał CIACH, Filip KOWALSKI

Birds in rocky habitats of the Tatra Mountains (Carpathians): species diversity and multiple ecological relationships


1085-1095 Muha Abdullah Al PAVEL, Sharif A. MUKUL, Mohammad Belal UDDIN, Kazuhiro HARADA, Mohammed A. S. ARFIN KHAN

Effects of stand characteristics on tree species richness in and around a conservation area of northeast Bangladesh


Mountain geomorphology

1096-1106 LI Tian-tao, PEI Xiang-jun, HUANG Run-qiu, JIN Long-de

The formation and evolution of the Qiaojia pull-apart basin, North Xiaojiang Fault Zone, Southwest China


Geological engineering

1107-1119 LI Xiao-ning, ZHU Bao-long, WU Xi-yong

Swelling characteristics of soils derived from black shales heightened by cations in Northern Chongqing, China


Mountain Development

1120-1138 FANG Yi-ping, YING Bin

Spatial distribution of mountainous regions and classifications of economic development in China



Cover Photo taken by Dr. Michał CIACH

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