Volume 13 Number 4   April 2016 Volume 13 Number 4 April 2016

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Journal of Mountain Science (Monthly, Started in 2004)

Volume 13 Number 4   April 2016


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Earth Surface Process

569-580 Elena POLYAKOVA, Mikhail GOFAROV, Yuriy KUTINOV, Vladimir BELJAEV, Zinaida CHISTOVA, Nikolay NEVEROV, Vadim STARITSYN, Alexandr MINEEV, Sergey DURYNIN

Erosion processes in karst landscapes of the Russian plain northern taiga, based on digital elevation modeling


581-592 LI Chi, ZHU Wen-hui, LI Lin, LU Xiao-bing, YAO De, Farshad AMINI

Experimental analysis for the dynamic initiation mechanism of debris flows


Mountain Environment

593-613 Marinka SPIESS, Eva HUINTJES, Christoph SCHNEIDER

         Comparison of modelled- and remote sensing- derived daily snow line altitudes at Ulugh Muztagh, northern Tibetan Plateau


614-632 Christopher Allen CARRIER, Ajay KALRA, Sajjad AHMAD

Long-range precipitation forecasts using paleoclimate reconstructions in the western United States


633-642 Laari ProsperBASOMMI, GUAN Qing-feng, CHENG Dan-dan, SudhirKumar SINGH

Dynamics of land use change in a mining area: a case study of Nadowli District, Ghana


643-660 Basanta PAUDEL, ZHANG Yi-li, LI Shi-cheng, LIU Lin-shan, WU Xue, Narendra Raj KHANAL

Review of studies on land use and land cover change in Nepal


661-671 HONG Jiang-tao, WANG Xiao-dan, WU Jian-bo

Variation in carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus partitioning between above- and belowground biomass along a precipitation gradient at Tibetan Plateau


672-681 Naresh KUMAR, Ashok Kumar JASWAL

Historical temporal variation in precipitation over Western Himalayan Region: 1857-2006


682-692 JI Qin, YANG Tai-bao, HE Yi, CHEN Jie, WANG Kai

Glacier changes in the eastern Nyainqêntanglha Range of Tibetan Plateau from 1975 to 2013


693-702 Se-Won KANG, Dong-CheolSEO, Yong-Hwa CHEONG, Ju-Wang PARK, Jong-Hwan PARK, Hang-Won KANG, Ki-Do PARK, Yong Sik OK, Ju-SikCHO

Effect of barley straw biochar application on greenhouse gas emissions from upland soil for Chinese cabbage cultivation in short-term laboratory experiments



Multi-criteria technique for mapping of debris-covered and clean-ice glaciers in the Shaksgam valley using Landsat TM and ASTER GDEM


715-724 SUN Hong-yang, LIAO Xiao-yong, XIA Zhong-mei, HE Jing

Comparison of the rise of water level in the typical catchments, Three Gorges Reservoir area


725-733 Wojciech PUSZ, Ryszard WEBER, Andrzej DANCEWICZ, Włodzimierz KITA

Effect of weather conditions on the incidence of Lophodermium yellow needle blight in the dwarf mountain pine in the Karkonosze and Izerskie Mountains (Poland)


734-743 LEI Jing-pin, FENG Xiao-hui, SHI Zheng, BAI Deng-zhong, XIAO Wen-fa

Climate–growth relationship stability of Picea crassifolia on an elevation gradient, Qilian Mountain, Northwest China


Mountain Development

744-753 LI Jing, MIN Qingwen, LI Wenhua, BAI Yanying, YANG Lun, Dhruba Bijaya G C

Evaluation of water resources conserved by forests in the Hani rice terraces system of Honghe County, Yunnan, China: an application of the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model


754-762 Birendra Nath GHOSH, Om Pal Singh KHOLA, Ranjan BHATTACHARYYA, Kuldeep Singh DADHWAL, Prasant Kumar MISHRA

Effect of potassium on soil conservation and productivity of maize/cowpea based crop rotations in the north-west Indian Himalayas


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