Volume 13 Number 3   March 2016 Volume 13 Number 3 March 2016

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Journal of Mountain Science (Monthly, Started in 2004)

Volume 13 Number 3   March 2016


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Earth Surface Process

377-396 CAO Zhi-xian, HU Peng, PENDER Gareth, LIU Huai-han

Non-capacity transport of non-uniform bed load sediment in alluvial rivers


397-404 HE Ji-jun, SUN Li-ying, GONG Hui-li, CAI Qiang-guo, JIA Li-juan

The characteristics of rill development and their effects on runoff and sediment yield under different slope gradients


405-415 HAN Xiao-le, LIU Jin-tao, ZHANG Jun, ZHANG Zhi-cai

Identifying soil structure along headwater hillslopes using ground penetrating radar based technique


416-423 WU Jun-jie, Stefanie Daniela GOLDBERG, Peter Edward MORTIMER, XU Jian-chu

Soil respiration under three different land use types in a tropical mountain region of China
Geography, Planning and Development


Protection of architectural heritage: attitudes of local residents and visitors in Sirako, Greece


440-454 TIAN Mi, MIN Qing-wen, JIAO Wen-jun, YUAN Zheng, Anthony M. FULLER, YANG Lun, ZHANG Yong-xun, ZHOU Jie, CHENG Bing

Agricultural Heritage Systems Tourism: definition, characteristics and development framework


455-464 Kesang WANGCHUK

Lowland pasture in Himalayan highland: edaphic properties and species composition
Global and Planetary Change

465-475 JIA Hui-cong, PAN Dong-hua, LI Jing, ZHANG Wan-chang, Ghulam RASUL

Risk assessment of maize drought disaster in southwest China using the Environmental Policy Integrated Climate model


476-483 MAHe-ping, YANG Xiao-lin, GUO Qi-qiang, ZHANG Xin-jun, ZHOU Chen-ni

Soil organic carbon pool along different altitudinal level in the Sygera Mountains, Tibetan Plateau


484-492 Tarandeep KAUR, Rohini BHAT, Dhiraj VYAS

Effect of contrasting climates on antioxidant and bioactive constituents in five medicinal herbs in Western Himalayas


493-507 MA Lin, SUN Gong-qi, QU Yi, LI Jun-qing

Applying systematic conservation planning to constitute a protection strategy for broad-leaved Korean pine forests in Changbai Mountains, China


Nature and Landscape Conservation

508-521 ZHONG Rong-hua,,HE Xiu-bin, BAO Yu-hai, TANG Qiang, GAO Jin-zhang, YAN Dan-dan, WANG Ming-feng, LI Yu

Estimation of soil reinforcement by the roots of four post-dam prevailing grass species in the riparian zone of Three Gorges Reservoir, China


522-533 Somanath SARVADE, Bhupender GUPTA, Matber SINGH

Composition, diversity and distribution of tree species in response to changing soil properties with increasing distance from water source – a case study of Gobind Sagar Reservoir in India


534-535 Harold E. BURKHART

Comments on three comparative analyses of stem taper models published in Journal of Mountain Science in 2014-2016


536-545 Roscinto Ian C. LUMBRES, Azyleah C. ABINO, Nelson M. PAMPOLINA, Feliciano G.CALORA Jr., Young Jin LEE

Comparison of stem taper models for the four tropical tree species in Mount Makiling, Philippines

546-556 CHEN Zhen-Lin, HU Xiao, XU Qiang

Experimental study of motion characteristics of rock slopes with weak intercalation under seismic excitation


557-568 TIE Yong-bo, FENG Xing-lei, RAN Jing, XU Wei

Hydrodynamic processes and depositional styles of glacier-associated deposits in the Moxi basin, Southwest China



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