Volume 12 Number 2  March 2015 Volume 12 Number 2 March 2015

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Journal of Mountain Science (Bimonthly, Started in 2004)

Volume 12 Number 2  March 2015


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251-267 NOVAKOVA Lucie

Tectonic Phase Separation Applied to the Sudetic Marginal Fault Zone (NE part of the Czech Republic)


268-288 WANG Yi-ting, SEIJMONSBERGEN Arie Christoffel,BOUTEN Willem,CHEN Qing-tao

Using Statistical Learning Algorithms in Regional Landslide Susceptibility Zonation with Limited Landslide Field Data


289-297 ZHAO Fang, ZHANG Bai-ping, ZHANG Shuo, QI Wen-wen, HE Wen-hui, WANG Jing, YAO Yong-hui

Contribution of Mass Elevation Effect to the Altitudinal Distribution of Global Treelines


298-312 LU Heng, WEI Wen-shou, LIU Mingzhe, HAN Xi,  HONG Wen

Energy Budget over Seasonal Snow Surface at an Open Site and Beneath Forest Canopy Openness during the Snowmelt Period in Western Tianshan Mountains, China


313-329 HAN Hai-dong, DING Yong-jian, LIU Shi-yin, WANG Jian

Regimes of Runoff Components on the Debris-covered Koxkar Glacier in Western China


330-343 WEI Jun-feng, LIU Shi-yin, XU Jun-li, GUO Wan-qin, BAO Wei-jia, SHANGGUAN Dong-hui, JIANG Zong-li

Mass Loss from Glaciers in the Chinese Altai Mountains between 1959 and 2008 Revealed Based on Historical Maps, SRTM, and ASTER Images


344-357 BAO Wei-jia,LIU Shi-yin,WEI Jun-feng

Glacier Changes during the Past 40 Years in the West Kunlun Shan


358-367 YAO Jun-qiang, ZHAO Qiu-dong, LIU Zhi-hui Y

Effect of Climate Variability and Human Activities on Runoff in the Jinghe River Basin, Northwest China


368-381 MENG Xian-Yong, YU Dan-Lin, LIU Zhi-Hui

Energy Balance-Based SWAT Model to Simulate the Mountain Snowmelt and Runoff – Taking the Application in Juntanghu Watershed (China) as an Example


382-395 HANG Shi-qiang, GAO Xin, Zhang Xiao-wen

Glacial Runoff Likely Reached Peak in the Mountainous Areas of the Shiyang River Basin, China


396-403 CHEN Feng, ZHANG Rui-bo, WANG Hui-qin, QIN Li

Recent Climate Warming of Central China Reflected by Temperature-sensitive Tree Growth in the Eastern Qinling Mountains and its Linkages to the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans


404-416 GUO Xiao-yi, ZHANG Hong-yan, WANG Ye-qiao, John Clark

Mapping and Assessing Typhoon-induced Forest Disturbance in Changbai Mountain National Nature Reserve Using Time Series Landsat Imagery


417-433 Dharmaveer SINGH, Sanjay K JAIN, Rajan Dev GUPTA

Trend in Observed and Projected Maximum and Minimum Temperature over N-W Himalayan Basin


434-445 ZHANG Xiao-ke, FAN Ji-hui, HENG Gen-wei

Modelling the Effects of Land-use Change on Runoff and Sediment Yield in the Weicheng River Watershed, Southwest China


446-455 Prabodh K. BAJPAI, Prabodh K. BAJPAI, Ashish R. WARGHAT, Ashish YADAV, Anil KANT, Ravi B. SRIVASTAVA, Tsering STOBDAN

High Phenotypic Variation in Morus alba L. along an Altitudinal Gradient in the Indian Trans-Himalaya


456-470 ABE George, ERINJERY JOSEPH James

Changes in Streamflow Regime Due to Anthropogenic Regulations in the Humid Tropical Western Ghats, Kerala State, India


471-482 WU Li-sha, FENG Su, NIE Yuan-yang, ZHOU Jian-hong, YANG Zhi-rong, ZHANG Jie

Soil Cellulase Activity and Fungal Community Responses to Wetland Degradation in the ZoigePlateau, China


483-500 Phanxay INGXAY, Satoshi YOKOYAMA, Isao HIROTA

Livelihood Factors and Household Strategies for an Unexpected Climate Event in Upland Northern Laos


501-517 ZHANG Yu-ling, ZHANG Jie, ZHANG Hong-Lei, CHENG Shao-wen, GUO Yong-rui, MA Jin-hai, SUN Jing-rong

The Impact of the Cognition of Landscape Experience on Tourist Environmental Conservation Behaviors


518-532 LIU Ying, DENG Wei, SONG Xue-qian

Relief Degree of Land Surface and Population Distribution of Mountainous Areas in China


Cover Photo taken by ZHANG Baiping

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