Volume 11 Number 4  July 2014 Volume 11 Number 4 July 2014

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Journal of Mountain Science (Bimonthly, Started in 2004)

Volume 11 Number 4  July 2014


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825-837 Bhogendra MISHRA, Nitin K. TRIPATHI, Mukand S. BABEL

      An Artificial Neural Network-Based Snow Cover Predictive Modeling in the Higher Himalayas


838-849 Lila Nath SHARMA, Ole Reidar VETAAS, Ram Prasad CHAUDHARY, Inger Elisabeth MÅREN

Ecological Consequences of Land Use Change: Forest Structure and Regeneration across the Forest-grassland Ecotone in Mountain Pastures in Nepal


850-865 Kevin MACKSAMIE, Jeffrey WAGNER, Juan C. COCKBURN

Feedback Control for Ecosystem Management: The Case of Wolf-Elk-Hunting Dynamics in the US Mountain West


866-874 TANG Xiang-Yu, ZHANG Xin-Bao, GUAN Zhuo, LONG Yi, TANG Qiang, LÜ Yu-Juan

Historical Sediment Record of 137Cs, d-HCH, and d13C Reflects the Impact of Land Use on Soil Erosion


875-883 Fernanda de CARVALHO, Edward Luis GODOY, Francy J. G. LISBOA, Fatima Maria de Souza MOREIRA, Francisco Adriano de SOUZA, Ricardo Luis Louro BERBARA, G Wilson FERNANDES

Relationship between Physical and Chemical Soil Attributes and Plant Species Diversity in Tropical Mountain Ecosystems from Brazil


884-895 LI Chang-bin, QI Jia-guo, YANG Lin-shan, YANG Wen-jin, ZHU Gao-feng, WANG Shuai-bing

        The Variability of the Snow and Ice Melt in Alpine Rivers in Northwestern China


896-905 PENG Shou-zhang, ZHAO Chuan-yan, WANG Xiao-ping, XU Zhong-lin, LIU Xing-ming, HAO Hu, YANG Shi-fei

Mapping Daily Temperature and Precipitation in the Qilian Mountains of Northwest China


906-916 Evangelin Ramani SUJATHA, Radhakrishnan SELVAKUMAR, Balasubramaniam RAJASIMMAN

       Watershed Prioritization of Palar Sub-watershed Based on the Morphometric and Land Use Analysis


917-925 CHEN Ren-sheng, LIU Jun-feng, SONG Yao-xuan

Precipitation Type Estimation and Validation in China


926-940 GUO Bing, ZHOU Yi, WANG Shi-xin, TAO He-ping

The Relationship between Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) and Climate Factors in the Semi-arid Region: A Case Study in Yalu Tsangpo River Basin of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau


941-949 GUO Ling-hui, WANG Dao-jie, SUN Xiang-min, CHEN Dong, CHEN Xiao-yan

Fine Root Distribution Pattern of Different Aged Leucaena leucocephala Trees in Debris Flow Source Area in Jiangjia Gully, China


950-958 Rajasree NANDI, Harald VACIK

Regeneration and Tree Species Diversity of Sitakund Botanical Garden and Eco-Park, Chittagong, Bangladesh


959-966 Shipra SHAH, Dharam Prakash SHARMA, Nazir A. PALA, Priyanka TRIPATHI, Munesh KUMAR

Temporal Variations in Carbon Stock of Pinus roxburghii Sargent Forests of Himachal Pradesh, India


967-978 WEI Ya-xing, WANG Li-wen

Simulating Alpine Vegetation Net Primary Productivity by Remote Sensing in Qinghai Province, China


979-989 ZHU Hong-Hu, SHI Bin, ZHANG Jie, YAN Jun-Fan, ZHANG Cheng-Cheng

Distributed Fiber Optic Monitoring and Stability Analysis of a Model Slope under Surcharge Loading


990-1000 ZHANG Fei-Yun, LI Lan-Hai, AHMAD Sajjad, LI Xue-Mei

Using Path Analysis to Identify the Influence of Climatic Factors on Spring Peak Flow Dominated by Snowmelt in an Alpine Watershed


1001-1014 CHANG Ming, TANG Chuan, ZHANG Dan-dan, MA Guo-chao

Debris Flow Susceptibility Assessment Using a Probabilistic Approach: A Case Study in the Longchi Area, Sichuan Province, China


1015-1022 YANG Feng-guang, LIANG Yue, SINGH Vijay P., WANG Wen-sheng, ZHOU Xiao-quan,

LIU Xing-nian, CAO Shu-you, HUANG Er, WU Yan-hua

Debris Flow Hazard Assessment Using Set Pair Analysis Models: Take Beichuan County as an Example


1023-1034 Suman ARYAL, Tek Narayan MARASENI, Geoff COCKFIELD

Sustainability of Transhumance Grazing Systems under Socio-economic Threats in Langtang, Nepal


1035-1048 BALOCH A. Mumtaz, THAPA B. Gopal

Agricultural Extension in Balochistan, Pakistan: Date Palm Farmers' Access and Satisfaction


1049-1059 LIU Mou-cheng, XIONG Yin, YUAN Zheng, MIN Qing-wen, SUN Ye-hong, Anthony M. Fuller

Standards of Ecological Compensation for Traditional Eco-agriculture: Taking Rice-Fish System in Hani Terrace as an Example


1060-1069 LIU Cheng-liang, DUAN De-zhong, ZHANG Hong

Relationships Between Fractal Road and Drainage Networks in Wuling Mountainous Area: Another Symmetric Understanding of Human-Environment Relations


1070-1084 LI Shan-shi, LIU Jia-ming, WANG Run, ZHU He

Spatial Differentiation of Tourism Impact Based on the Perception of Residents in Mountainous Valley Resorts


Cover Photo taken by Suman ARYAL

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