Volume 11 Number 3  May 2014 Volume 11 Number 3 May 2014

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Journal of Mountain Science (Bimonthly, Started in 2004)

Volume 11 Number 3  May 2014


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563-577 Jan NOVOTNÝ, Jan KLIMEŠ

Grain Size Distribution of Soils within the Cordillera Blanca, Peru: An Indicator of Basic Mechanical Properties for Slope Stability Evaluation


578-591 Hosung KIM, Seung Woo LEE, Chan-Young YUNE, Gihong KIM

Volume Estimation of Small Scale Debris Flows Based on Observations of Topographic Changes Using Airborne LiDAR DEMs


592-606 CASCINI Leonardo, CALVELLO Michele, GRIMALDI Giuseppe Maria

Displacement Trends of Slow-moving Landslides: Classification and Forecasting  


       607-624 WEI Xue-li, CHEN Ning-sheng, CHENG Qian-gong, HE Na, DENG Ming-feng, TANOLI Javed Iqbal

Long-term Activity of Earthquake-induced Landslides: A Case Study from QionghaiLakebasin, Southwest of China


 625-633 YANG Chang-wei, ZHANG Jian-jing, FU Xiao, ZHU Chuan-bin, BI Jun-wei

Improvement of Pseudo-static Method for Slope Stability Analysis


 634-643 DU Cui, YAOLing-kan, SHAKYA Subhashsagar, LI Lun-gui, SUN Xiao-dan

 Damming of Large River by Debris Flow: Dynamic Process and Particle Composition


       644-655 Nils HEIN, Roland PAPE, Oliver-D. FINCH, Jörg LÖFFLER

Alpine Activity Patterns of Mitopus morio (Fabricius, 1779) are Induced by Variations in Temperature and Humidity at Different Scales in Central Norway


       656-673 Antonin KUSBACH, Helga VAN MIEGROET, Janis L. BOETTINGER, James N. LONG

       Vegetation Geo-climatic Zonation in the Rocky Mountains, Northern Utah, USA


       674-687 LI Yu, ZHANG Cheng-qi, ZHOU Xue-hua

Ecological Responses to Holocene Millennial-Scale Climate Change at High Altitudes of East and Central Asia: A Case Study of Picea/Abies Pollen Changes in Lacustrine Sediments


       688-696 BHATTARAI Khem Raj, MÅREN Inger Elisabeth, SUBEDI Suresh Chandra

       Biodiversity and Invasibility: Distribution Patterns of Invasive Plant Species in the Himalayas, Nepal


       697-707 LIN Chen, ZHOU Sheng-lu, WU Shao-hua, ZHU Qing, DANG Qi

Spectral Response of Different Eroded Soils in Subtropical China: A Case Study in Changting County, China


        708-716 Oliver WIGMORE, Jay GAO

        Spatiotemporal Dynamics of a Páramo Ecosystem in the Northern Ecuadorian Andes1988-2007


       717-726 LI Guang-lu, PANG Xiao-ming

Difference in Organic Carbon Contents and Distributions in Particle-size Fractions between Soil and Sediment on    the Southern Loess Plateau, China


        727-745 CHANG Juan, WANG Gen-xu, GAO Yong-heng, WANG Yi-bo

The Influence of Seasonal Snow on Soil Thermal and Water Dynamics under Different Vegetation Covers in a  Permafrost Region


       746-754 CHENG Wei, SUN Geng, DU Lin-fang, WU Yan, ZHENG Qun-ying, ZHANG Hong-xuan, LIU Lin,

       WU Ning

Unpalatable Weed Stellera chamaejasme L. Provides Biotic Refuge for Neighboring Species and Conserves Plant Diversity in Overgrazing Alpine Meadows on the Tibetan Plateau in China


       755-761 WANG Dong, WU Gao-Lin, CHANG Xiao-Feng, SHI Zhi-Hua, SUN Lei, WEI Xue-Hong

Higher Species Diversity Occurs in More Fertile Habitats Without Fertilizer Disturbance in an Alpine Natural Grassland Community


       762-773 LU Liang, GUO Luo, ZHAO Song-ting

       Land Use and Land Cover Change on Slope in Qiandongnan Prefectureof Southwest China


       774-781 CHEN Xiang-bi, ZHENG Hua, ZHANG Wei, HE Xun-yang, LI Lei, WU Jin-shui, HUANG Dao-you,

       SU Yi-rong

Effects of Land Cover on Soil Organic Carbon Stock in a Karst Landscape with Discontinuous Soil Distribution


       782-791 Ahmed AL-WADAEY, Feras ZIADAT

A Participatory GIS Approach to Identify Critical Land Degradation Areas and Prioritize Soil Conservation for Mountainous Olive Groves (Case Study)


       792-804 LUN Fei, Josep G. CANADELL, XU Zhong-qi, HE Lu, YUAN Zheng, ZHANG Dan, LI Wen-hua,

        LIU Mou-cheng

Residential Energy Consumption and Associated Carbon Emission in Forest Rural Area in China: A Case Study in WeichangCounty


       805-815 WANG Xiao-lan, SU Chun-jiang, PENG Li, WANG Hai-e, WANG Hai-ming, LIU Wei, LI Ping,

       FANG Yan

Ecological Suitability Assessment and Introduction Experiment on Rosa damascena trigintipetala in Sichuan Province, China


       816-824 GUO Shi-li, LIU Shao-quan, LUO Ren-fu, ZHANG Lin-xiu

Determinants of Public Goods Investment in Rural Communities in Mountainous Areas of Sichuan Province, China

Cover Photo taken byJan KLIMEŠ


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