Volume 10 Number 2 Volume 10 Number 2

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Journal of Mountain Science (Bimonthly, Started in 2004)

Volume 10 Number 2   April 2013


     Volume 10 No 2  Coverpage            Contents    

173-189 CUI Peng, XIANG Ling-zhi, ZOU Qiang

Risk Assessment of Highways Affected by Debris Flows in Wenchuan Earthquake Area


190-198 Chen Ning-sheng, Lu Yang, Deng Ming-feng, Han Da-wei, Zhou Hai-bo, Yang Cheng-lin

Comparative Study on Debris Flow Initiation in Limestone and Sandstone Spoil


199-206 Chan-Young YUNE, Yun-Ki CHAE, Joongcheol PAIK, Gihong KIM, Seung-Woo LEE, Heung-Seok SEO

Debris Flow in Metropolitan Area - 2011 Seoul Debris Flow


207-218 PENG Szu-Hsien, LU Shih-Chung

FLO-2D Simulation of Mudflow Caused by Large Landslide Due to Extremely Heavy Rainfall in Southeastern Taiwan during Typhoon Morakot


219-232 CHEN Hong-Xin, ZHANG Li-Min, ZHANG Shuai, XIANG Bo, WANG Xiao-Feng

Hybrid Simulation of the Initiation and Runout Characteristics of a Catastrophic Debris Flow


233-238 Norifumi HOTTA, Takahiro KANEKO, Tomoyuki IWATA, Haruo NISHIMOTO

Influence of Fine Sediment on the Fluidity of Debris Flows


239-248 LIU Jing-jing, TANG Chuan, CHENG Zun-lan

The Two Main Mechanismsof Glacier Lake Outburst Flood in Tibet, China


249-260 ZHOU Jia-wen, CUI Peng, YANG Xing-guo,SU Zhi-man, GUO Xiao-jun

Debris Flows Introduced in Landslide Deposits under Rainfall Conditions: The Case of Wenjiagou Gully


261-272 GE Yong-gang, CUI Peng, GUO Xiao-jun, SONG Guo-hu, LIU Wei-ming

Characteristics, Causes and Mitigation of Catastrophic Debris Flow Hazard on 21 July 2011 at the Longda Watershed of Songpan County, China


273-280 Kana NAKATANI, Yuki OKUYAMA, Yuji HASEGAWA, Yoshifumi SATOFUKA, Takahisa MIZUYAMA

Influence of Housing and Urban Development on Debris Flow Flooding and Deposition


281-292 ZHANG Shuai, ZHANG Li-Min, CHEN Hong-Xin, YUAN Quan, PAN Hua

Changes in Runout Distances of Debris Flows over Time in the Wenchuan Earthquake Zone


293-304 WU Ying-Hsin, LIU Ko-Fei, CHEN Yi-Chin

Comparison between FLO-2D and Debris-2D on the Application of Assessment of Granular Debris Flow Hazards with Case Study


305-314 GUO Xiao-jun, CUI Peng, LI Yong

Debris Flow Warning Threshold Based on Antecedent Rainfalla Case Study in Jiangjia Ravine, Yunnan, China


315-325 Haruki WATABE, Takahiro ITOH, Kazuhiko KAITSUKA, Shigeki NISHIMURA

Experimental Studies on Debris Flow with Logs Focusing on Specific Weight Difference of Log Species


326-336 ZHANG Jin-shan, CUI Peng

An Empirical Formula for Suspended Sediment Delivery Ratio of Main River after Confluence of Debris flow


337-338 Erratum to: DOI: 10.1007/s11629-013-2429-7

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