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最小化 最大化

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最小化 最大化

Journal of Mountain Science (Monthly, Started in 2004)                   Back Issue

Volume 16  Number 4  April 2019


Mountain Development

725-743 Krzysztof KOŁODZIEJCZYK

Networks of hiking tourist trails in the Krkonoše (Czech Republic) and Peneda-Gerês (Portugal) national parks – comparative analysis


744-754 LI Jie, DENG Wei, ZHANG Ji-Fei

Evaluating mountain water scarcity on the county scale: a case study of Dongchuan District, Kunming, China


755-768Niyati NAUDIYAL, Kusum ARUNACHALAM, Ujjwal KUMAR

The future of mountain agriculture amidst continual farm-exit, livelihood diversification and outmigration in the Central Himalayan villages


Special topics from the 5th International Debris Flow Workshop & Symposium on Silk Roads Disaster Mitigation

769-777 DEGANUTTI Andrea Maria, TECCA Pia Rosella, GENEVOIS Rinaldo

The measure of friction angles for different types of granular material


778-792 ZHOU Ming-jun, ZHOU Gordon G. D., CUI Kahlil Fredrick E.,SONG Dong-ri, LU Xue-qiang

Influence of inflow discharge and bed erodibility on outburst flood of landslide dam


793-805 LIU Dao-chuan, YOU Yong, LIU Jin-feng, LI Yong, ZHANG Guang-ze, WANG Dong

Spatial-temporal distribution of debris flow impact pressure on rigid barrier


806-820 TU Guo-xiang, HUANG Da,DENG Hui

Reactivation of a huge ancient landslide by surface water infiltration


Mountain Environment

821-835Dol Raj LUITEL, Mohan SIWAKOTI, Pramod Kumar JHA

Climate change and finger millet: Perception, trend and impact on yield in different ecological regions in Central Nepal


836-849 Kamal Kant SINGH, Harendra Singh NEGI, Dhiraj Kumar SINGH

Assessment of glacier stored water in Karakoram Himalaya using satellite remote sensing and field investigation


850-869 Muhammad HASAN, SHANG Yan-jun, JIN Wei-jun, Gulraiz AKHTER

Investigation of fractured rock aquifer in South China using electrical resistivity tomography and self-potential methods


870-883 Abhirup DIKSHIT, Neelima SATYAM

Probabilistic rainfall thresholds in Chibo, India: estimation and validation using monitoring system


884-897 Javaid M. DAD

Phytodiversity and medicinal plant distribution in pasturelands of North Western Himalaya in relation to environmental gradients


898-908 ZHAO Liang-ju, WANG Xiao-gang, ZHANG Yu-cui, XIE Cong, LIU Quan-yu, MENG Fei

Plant water use strategies in the Shapotou artificial sand-fixed vegetation of the southeastern margin of the Tengger Desert, northwestern China


Geological Engineering

909-923Savaş TOPAL

Evaluation of relative tectonic activity along the Priene-Sazlı Fault (Söke Basin, southwest Anatolia): Insights from geomorphic indices and drainage analysis


924-934 CAI Jun-chao, JU Neng-pan, HUANG Run-qiu, ZHENG Da, ZHAO Wei-hua, LI Long-qi, HUANG Jian

Mechanism of toppling and deformation in hard rock slope on the right bank of Hydropower Station, Qinghai Province, China


935-943 WANG Zhuang, LI Chi, DING Xuan-ming

Application of transparent soil model tests to study the soil-rock interfacial sliding mechanism


944-954 Koray ULAMIŞ

Shear strength of extremely altered serpentinites based on degree of saturation (Ankara, Turkey)



Cover photo taken by Krzysztof KOŁODZIEJCZYK

Serial parameters: CN51-1668/X*2004*M*A4*230*en*P*120*17*2019-4




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